Are you open today? What are you hours?

  • Our hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm, rain or shine.
  • We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays unless they are a public holiday
  • We are closed for July and August

Do you have EFTPOS?

No, not yet, until our café opens.  In the meantime, it is cash or bank transfer on your phone

What are your charges?

  • These are all on the website under ‘prices’
  • We do not charge for any females who are riding their own bikes at Thundercross

Why is it free of charge for females at Thundercross?

  • To encourage more females to participate in the sport

Do I have to book in advance if I’m riding my own bike at Thundercross?

  • No need to book in advance.  Just turn up on the day and register/pay at the time

Do I need to register everyone that is riding?

  • Absolutely!  It is vital that everyone who is riding has registered and paid to use the tracks. 
  • No registration/payment = no riding

Can we bring visitors who are not riding?

  • Non-riders are welcome to come along with you to enjoy the Park.  
  • There is no charge for visitors if they are not riding
  • If your visitors do decide to ride, once they are here, they must register and pay before getting on a bike.  No exceptions.

Where is Thundercross located?

  • Our address is 3068 Highway 22, Glen Murray, 2695.
  • If you are using Google Maps, please be sure to put Glen Murray into the address. 
  • If you are travelling from the south, a more direct route than that suggested by Google Maps, via Te Ohaaki Road at the Huntly Power Station, is detailed on our Contact page –

Are refreshments available on site?   

  • We will soon start work on converting our Wool Shed to a café, which we hope will be open next year.  In the meantime, please remember to bring plenty of water, energy snacks and lunch with you.  If you require catering, this can be arranged in advance of your visit (charges will apply)

What facilities do you have on site?   

  • Toilets: We have a toilet block in the main car park. There are currently no toilets on the Learners’ Track
  • Water: Fresh drinking water is available from the house
  • Picnics: There are picnic tables around the Park for your use and enjoyment.  You are welcome to bring your own chairs/bbq/gazebo and set up for the day (no open fires)
  • Barbecue & Gazebo: Our barbecue and gazebo are available for your use, by prior arrangement. (Donation to Westpac Rescue Helicopter, please)
  • Rubbish: Please take your rubbish and recycling home with you

Can we bring our dog?

  • You are welcome to bring your dog if it is kept under control at all times, on a lead and does not worry stock.  Please clear up after your dog.

Can we camp overnight at Thundercross?

  • Riders who are riding both days at the Park are welcome to camp at Thundercross
  • You must book in advance by telephoning Mandy on 0277331199.  No booking = no camping
  • Riders must register and pay for each day’s riding
  • There are no camping facilities, other than the toilet block
  • Please take your rubbish home with you
  • No open fires 
  • No riding before 9am or after 6pm
  • No charge for camping

Can I hire boots or other kit from you?

  • Yes, we have boots available from children’s size 13 to adult 14 and kit from children’s age 5 to adult XXXL, including helmets, pants, tops, chest protectors, goggles and gloves
  • $10 per item 
  • No need to book in advance
  • Our kit is washed after every use

Do I need a motorcycle licence to ride at Thundercross?

  • No, you do not need a motorcycle licence to ride at our Park, as you are riding on private land

What tracks do you have?

  • Our 750-acre Park has 4 tracks, with something to suit everyone (see details under ‘Tracks’)
    • Learners: for complete beginners to novices. Small children to beginnner adults are all welcome to learn on the Learners’ track
    • B Track: for novice to intermediate
    • A Track: for advanced riders only
    • Motocross: for motocross riders

Can I hire a bike?

  • Yes, we have bikes from children’s Peewee 50 to adult 400cc and some quads available too
  • To book press the ‘Booking' button at the top of each page on our website to reserve a bike and/or coaching

Can I hire a bike for an hour or half a day?

We do not hire bikes for an hour or half a day.  Our bikes are only available to hire for a whole day.  They are available from 9am to 6pm and are yours to ride for as long as you like during that time.  

What is included in bike hire?

  • Bike hire fee includes hire and fuel for one day, all protective gear and the fee for riding at the Park
  • Please allow an hour for registration, induction & getting kitted-up.  We open at 9am
  • To make your riding more comfortable, please bring long, thick socks to go inside your dirt bike boots and, if you have them, padded cycle shorts to wear under your bike pants.  If it is cold you may like to wear a   t-shirt or lightweight merino under the bike top but it is not necessary in warmer weather

I am a learner; can I get lessons?

  • We have experienced coaches who will teach you at your own pace in private classes.  For bookings and availability press the 'Booking' button at the top of any website page and to go to the 'Tuition' tab

I have my one bike. Can I get coaching?

  • Yes.  Bring your own bike along and our experienced coaches will teach you whatever you need to learn, at your own pace.
  • Check out ‘Coaching’ on our website
  • For bookings and availability, press the Booking tab at the top of each page on our website and go to the ‘Tuition’ tab

How does the tuition work?

  • All tuition is taken at your own pace, without pressure
  • To allow for registration, induction & getting kitted-up please arrive at 9am or, if you have a specific lesson time, at least an hour prior to your scheduled lesson
  • For total novices, we do recommend two hours' tuition
  • 1st hour (around 10 am, unless advised otherwise):  your first hour will cover basic bike handling including starting, stopping, braking and changing gear.  You will have plenty of time to practice on the Learners’ Track afterwards 
  • 2nd hour (after lunch):  your 2nd hour, after lunch, will progress to cornering and standing up.   Following this lesson, the remainder of the day is yours to practice your new skills and enjoy the tracks
  • Advanced Lessons: If you are have arranged advanced tuition, this will commence at the arranged time. Please arrive well in advance in order to be ready, kitted up and on your bike, in time to start the lesson – which will begin at a specific, pre-arranged time.  Please check with us what time that will be. Thanks

What are your payment methods for bike hires and tuition?

  • Payment must be made in advance through our booking system.  This can be done by direct credit into our bank account 123226 0098008 00 or by credit card
  • 20% of hire fee plus 50% fully refundable Bond is due at the time of booking, please
  • Balance to be paid at least one week prior to the event
  • The Bond will be available for refund during the week following tuition.  If any deductions need to be made from the Bond, which happens rarely, these will be discussed and arranged with you accordingly  

When will I get my Bond back?

  • The Bond will be available for refund during the week following tuition.  If any deductions need to be made from the Bond, which happens rarely, these will be discussed and arranged with you accordingly.  
  • We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (as that is our weekend), so it will be Wednesday at the earliest before your Bond is refunded; that gives us time to check, clean and maintain all the bikes.


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