Ecotourism Stainability at Thundercross

Thundercross Native Tree Regeneration Project

Our Commitment:

The Thundercross Team balances the environmental challenge of being a dirt bike park, offering recreational riding to fossil fuelled motorbikes, with a commitment to following sustainable practices in all aspects of the Park’s business.  We proudly align with the Tiaki Promise and are committed to sustainable tourism.   As guardians of this special piece of Waikato we will protect our precious Park, look after the land and be good guardians for future generations.

TiakiCare for New Zealand was created through a collective desire to share a connection to the natural world, inspiring and helping visitors to travel safely and conscientiously.

We illustrate our sustainability by recycling as much as possible.  We enjoyed utilising second hand materials and furnishings in our fabulous Wool Shed renovation, even making our benchtops and furniture out of fallen trees from around the Park.  

We reject packaging, where possible, and use local providers for supplies.  We recycle tin, card, paper and plastic at the local community collection point once a month and use washable hand towels in our funky rest room .  We save plastic bags for our rubbish bins and utilise old milk cartons for coffee trays.  Our eight chickens and two Kune Kune pigs enjoy our food scraps, with garden waste going into our compost area to nurture the Park’s orchard.  We repurpose the Wool Shed’s grey water as irrigation for the garden area and preserve the Park’s fences with old, waste oil. 

Our bikes are serviced and maintained after each hire to keep them performing economically and replaced every 5 years, with fuel-efficient, modern models.  We are actively seeking to find a suitable model of electric dirt bike to add to the hire bike fleet …watch this space. 

We have two areas of significant native bush at Thundercross, as recognised by Waikato District Council.  Since 2020 we have been working with local youth programme, Oho Mauri, on a regeneration programme at the Park, nurturing sapling native trees and shrubs and transplanting them to new sites around the Park, to create new areas of bush and protect our waterways. 

Your opportunity to help! …

To expand the native varieties around Thundercross, we are joining with a local Nursery to offer our visitors the opportunity to join our guardianship programme.  For a donation of only $10 you can purchase a native tree that will be introduced to our Park and planted in recognition of yourself or in the memory of a special loved-one.  You are welcome to write a personal note (on environmentally-friendly, compostible paper) to go in the ground with your tree. 

Working with a local supplier minimises the programme’s footprint and, having been in grown in local climate and soil, enhances the new species’ chance to adapt and thrive at Thundercross.  Varieties will include Kanuka, Karamu, Tikoki, Harekeke, Ti Kouka, Kowhai, Rimu, Totara, Manatu and others.

Big changes for the cost of a $10 smoko!

Help us achieve our Thundercross goal of giving back to the land where we live, work and play by planting trees for a greener tomorrow and every day after!   For the price of a soft drink and a pie or a coffee and a slice, you can leave a legacy for the next millenia that, over a lifetime, will offset all those rides around our beautiful Park trails. 

Please help us by supporting our restoration and regeneration programme, making a direct contribution to the protection and restoration of this beautiful Park, paying forward for future generations and remembering those who have gone before us.  Please support our mission by making a purchase through the BOOK/BUY NOW tab!

We are striving to protect New Zealand's natural environment and inspiring others to do the same. Let’s all do our bit to honour the Tiaki Promise and fulfil our sustainability promise. 

Thanks for your support in making a change that lasts a lifetime!

Nga mihi,

The Thundercross Team

Matariki Native Tree Planting Day & Lunch

The Thundercross Team & Marshals got together to celebrate Matariki. We kicked off our Native Tree Regeneration Programme, by planting 34 native trees, in honour of our Team, Marshals & Matariki!

Matariki, the whetū (star) that signifies reflection, hope, our connection to the environment and the gathering of people was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the end of the season together!

Thanks Team!

Tiaki Promise

The Thundercross crew have made a promise to align with Tiaki and help care for New Zealand; its people, the place and the culture.

New Zealand is precious. Everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.

As travellers around our land, we ask that all visitors join us in being its guardians and protectors by: 

  • Caring for land, sea and nature, treading lightly and leaving no trace

  • Travelling safely, showing care and consideration for all

  • Respecting the culture and local communities, travelling with an open heart and mind.​

To commit to travelling in this way is to take the Tiaki Promise

 The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment (TSC)

This initiative aims to see every New Zealand tourism business committed to sustainability by 2025.  

 To deliver on the Vision of Leading the World in Sustainable Tourism - Toitū te taiao, toitū te tāpoi. E kōkiri ana e Aotearoa, the industry must deliver high quality experiences for both domestic and international visitors while having a positive impact on local communities, contributing to the restoration and protection of our natural environment, and rebuilding the economic sustainability of the sector.

 The TSC was developed by Tourism Industry Aotearoa, the voice of New Zealand's tourism industry. Thundercross Valley Dirt Bike Park is delighted to have joined this sustainability journey.  We work together to restore, protect and enhance our natural environment, while providing an adventure that delights our visitors.

Our Values:

The guardianship and protection of our natural, built and cultural resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

Showing respect, hospitality, generosity and care for others.

A relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides people with a sense of belonging.

Everyone at Thundercross Valley Dirt Bike Park is committed to sustainability so that this unique dirt biking facility prevails into the future and continues to provide:

  • Education, training, safe practice and heaps of fun in the development of the sport

  • Support of the community

  • Preservation of the environment

  • Respect for the people we work with

By following the Tiaki Promise and supporting us in our commitment to sustainable tourism, you are acting as a guardian, protecting and preserving our Park and supporting our whanau.  Thank you for being part of Thundercross’ legacy.

Nau mai, haere mai


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