Dirt Bike Tuition

Are you ready to kick start your dirt bike riding experience or take your skills to the next level?  James is one of New Zealand's most experienced dirt bike coaches.  He and the team are ready to guide you through every twist and turn of your journey!

No matter your age or experience level, we've got you covered. From confident two-wheel pedal bikers to thrill-seekers in their golden years, our tuition welcomes riders of all backgrounds. No motorcycle license or prior experience required!

Safety is our priority. With a maximum coach-to-student ratio of 1:4, you'll receive personalized attention at your own pace, free from any pressure. We proudly hold the Adventure Mark safety audit accreditation, ensuring that every adventure is regulated and certified by Work Safe.

Ready to roll? Secure your spot in advance - we do not offer same-day bookings. Click here to reserve your tuition now!

And that's not all - we offer dirt bike hire complete with top-of-the-line protective gear, so you can learn safely while having a blast. Our commitment to cleanliness means all bikes and gear are commercially washed after every hire.

Join us for an unforgettable ride - book now and let the adventure begin!

If you are a beginner, we recommend our two hours' tuition to maximize your safety, comfort and enjoyment.  

Please note we will not hire a bike to beginners without at least one hours' tuition from us; if you require tuition it is an additional cost to the hire bike fee, please ensure to book your tuition at the same time as the hire bike


LEARNERS: Inexperienced dirt bike riders are required to have at least one hour’s tuition with a Thundercross coach. Two hours coaching is recommended.


After arriving at 8.30am.

  • 1st hour (around 10 am): First hour covers basic bike operation - starting, stopping, braking and changing gear. You will have plenty of time to practice on the Learners’ Track afterwards.

  • 2nd hour (after lunch): RECOMMENDED this practical session, with the coach(es) riding alongside you. It will progress to handling techniques such as cornering, tackling hills and standing up whilst riding. In this session, will be where you’ll make the most practical progress and come away with a massive grin on your face! Depending on your own confidence and ability, there may be a chance to ride an accompanied section of the B Track. Following this lesson, the remainder of the day is yours to practice your new skills and enjoy the tracks.

Next Level Tuition with James

Once a month James holds regular coaching sessions, offering practical assistance in progressing to the next level track.  With James or our experienced coaches, they will lead you around the new track, describing what is coming up next and demonstrating how to best tackle it. They will show you how to pick your lines and approach the challenges.

These 1.5hr sessions are designed to help keep you and your loved ones safe, tackling the next level track in a controlled and supervised manner, so that riders can achieve maximum enjoyment and have the most fun.

Learners to B Track session: on rotation once every 4 weeks

B Track to A Track session: on rotation once every 4 weeks

Please note that riders will need a certain level of experience in order to take part in these sessions; for more information and to secure your session:

Tuition on your own bike

James offers personalized one-on-one coaching sessions using your own bike, tailored to your skills and experience level. The focus is on addressing your specific needs at your current stage of riding.

As part of the booking process, you will need to complete a Self-Scrutiny form, confirming that your bike is suitable in size and engine capacity for the rider and is in good condition. Please print and bring this form with you on the day, as it will be attached to your booking confirmation.

Additionally, you must provide your own protective gear; however, we offer hire gear at $10 per item if needed.

Tuition fees for coaching on your own bike start is $65.00 per hour, inclusive of GST, plus a booking fee and, if applicable, a credit card fee. These fees are separate from the standard park entry fee and must be paid upon arrival.

Please book your tuition in advance.  We do not take bookings on the day and would hate you to have a wasted journey.

Book your tuition

Click the yellow Book Now button to secure your Tuition for your group or individual dirt bike lesson.   

Coaching is tailored to suit your specific needs at Thundercross, whether you are a child or adult, total beginner or wanting to take your riding to the next level, learn how to pick a track, tackle berms and ruts or more - the choice is yours.    Coaching available for beginners to advances riders.

Larger Group Bookings

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure with Thundercross – the ultimate destination for large group bookings!

Whether you're organizing a corporate event, team-building retreat, bachelorette bash, or birthday blowout, we've got you covered.
At Thundercross, we specialize in turning gatherings into epic experiences tailored to your needs.
From tackling rugged trails to revving up the excitement, our venue promises thrills and spills for everyone involved. It's time to amp up the fun and make memories that will last a lifetime at Thundercross

Park Map

Our map helps our riders navigate their way around Thundercross, understand the track conditions, level of skill needed to ride each track, plus a reminder of the Park rules and conduct. It is also provides our emergency contact information. Please feel free to download a copy before your arrival or you can find this map at the Wool Shed car park, main car park and at the Learners' Track!

Gift Vouchers

All experiences available at Thundercross can be purchased as a Gift Voucher; ranging from 1-Day Entry with your own bike, to bike hirers and tuition or a specified $$ value.

If you require a personalised Gift Voucher with your own message; please ring us on 027 733 1199 to discuss your requirements, or you can buy our unique voucher here.


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