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Is your child eager to ride their dirt bike? Whether they are beginner riders or looking to advance their skills, the school holidays are an ideal opportunity to get some coaching. James and our team are here to guide them every step of the way!

 Sessions are divided into beginner or improver sessions
 Small groups 1:4 ratio, instructor/riders
 Sessions are 1 hour long
 $90 per hour for tuition - discount + Park Entry Fee, if any

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*Valid for riders under 16 years old. Park Entry fee included. Sessions are specific to beginner or advancement sessions.


The holidays are fast arriving! Don't miss out on our special - bookings are open, and spots are starting to fill up!

Whether your little ones are just starting out or are eager to boost their riding and track skills, we've got you covered.

Holiday special includes:
- Two Hire Bikes for 1-day
- Park entry fee
- All protective kit
- Fuel for the day

Secure your spot now!

Progression Tuition to B Track

If you're thinking of progressing from the Learners' Track to the B Track at Thundercross, this class is for you!

 This 1.5 hour session will help you transition to the B Track and assist in keeping you safe as you tackle the challenges of our Intermediate track.  

You must be a proficient rider, able to:

  • fluently and easily change up and down through all the gears

  • brake using foot control

  • confident hill climbing, descents and engine braking

  • tackle corners with correct riding position (up on tank, with leg out)

  •  Ratio of 1 instructor to 4 participants

Participants in this class must already be experienced on our Learners' Track and easily cope with it's terrain. 

Progression Tuition to A Track

If you're thinking of progressing from the B Track to the A Track at Thundercross, this class is for you!

 What’s Included:

  • 1.5-hour session

  • 1:4 ratio, instructor : participants

  • Transiting to the A Track

  • Tackling challenges

 Participants in this class must already be experienced on our B Track and easily cope with all the challenges the B Track exposes them to. 

Lest We Forget

Thursday 25 April, a day we will forever remember.

We are open ANZAC Day -9am until 6pm

The crew at Thundercross welcomes our riders and their families to participate in this meaningful activity. We'll be planting all the trees generously donated to Thundercross this season.

Come together with us to honor the spirit of ANZAC Day and contribute to the growth of our community and environment.

See you there!


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