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Open hours

Thundercross Valley is open rain, hail or shine from Wednesday to Sunday 9am to 6pm, from 1st September through to 30th June. We are open on Mondays & Tuesdays ONLY if they are Public Holidays.


We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, unless they are Public Holidays.

Public holidays

We are open on Public Holidays apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

If Monday and/or Tuesday is a Public Holiday then we are open from 9am to 6pm.

Winter closing

We are closed for July and August every year. 


Learners track - Learners Only
Learners track

Learners Only

Situated in a separate 35 acre paddock, with its own dedicated parking area, this 1.5km loop track is only for Learners and their supporters.  On rolling country, the Learner Track has two small hills and mostly gentle corners.  It’s surface is soft rock and clay, making it rideable in any weather. 
Direction: anti-clockwise.

"B" track - Novice - Intermediate
"B" track

Novice - Intermediate

This 8km track begins and finishes at the general car park.  The B Track winds around rolling hills and farm tracks, over culverts and steep hills (with gentler options around the side available).  

The last quarter is shared with the A Track. 
Direction: anti-clockwise

"A" track - Advanced Riders Only
"A" track

Advanced Riders Only

Please do not over-estimate your riding skills; if you are not an advanced rider, this track is not for you. 

   This advanced 12km loop track begins and finishes at the general car park.  Located in the steep bluffs and hill-country of Thundercross, the A Track will find you riding down ridges and up valleys, before you wind your way in and around a 100 acre bush block, blast across paddocks and back into bush again.   It is steep up, steep down and there are rocks, logs and trees.
Direction: anti-clockwise. Minimum rescue fee = box of beer.   

Motocross track - .
Motocross track


The Motocross Track is popular with our experienced riders.  NB: There are two bridges currently under repair - ride with caution. 

Direction: clockwise


Adult (17 years and over)

Youth (Under 17 years riding B Track)

Junior (Riding over 50cc on Learners Track)

Mini (on peewee 50cc)



Annual Season Pass: Adult
5-Year Pass: Adult

Annual Season Pass: Youth
5-Year Pass: Youth


* Please note there is NO EFTPOS available at Thundercross. If you do not have cash then direct credit by mobile / internet banking can be accepted.

** James' daughter used to race cross-country and MotoX when there were not many females in the sport. In order to encourage more women and girls to participate James decided not to charge them for riding at Thundercross. 

*** UTVs are welcome at Thundercross.  Drivers must be over 16 years of age and hold a full, current NZ driving licence.


Parking: We have a main car park and a learners' car park. Only those learning or supporting a learner may park in the learners' paddock.

Toilets: There is a toilet block in the main car park.

Refreshments: We are currently in the process of converting our 100 year old Wool Shed to a cafe, which will be open for the September 2020 season.  In the meantime, remember to bring plenty of water, energy snacks and lunch with you.

Picnics: We have picnic tables available for your use in the car park areas or your are welcome to bring your own comfy chairs, gazebo and set up camp for the day in one of our car park areas.

Gazebo & Barbeque: Our gazebo & barbeque are available to rent for a donation to the Westpac Helicopter

Spare Parts: we have a small selection of spares available at market prices, should you need to do a repair whilst you are here.  (Inner tubes, clutch levers, etc).  

Air Compressor: our air compressor is available for you to use (small donation to Westpac Helicopter)

Water Blaster: our water blaster is available for you to use after riding.  $5 donation to Westpac Helicopter

and go in the draw to win a free season pass for next year!


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